Saturday, 25 January 2014

NOTD: Freak Out (11/01/2014)


I have a new NOTD to show you today. I recently got a glitter polish for Christmas and couldn't wait to try it out so I thought I'd pop it in a post too! :)

This post was supposed to go up ages ago but I had trouble uploading the pictures...this isn't even on my nails anymore!

This is the main polish in use in this look: the Models Own nail polish in Freak Out. 
This has huge pieces of light blue, dark blue and purple glitter suspended in clear gel. 
I have to say I did have trouble getting an even distribution of the pieces onto  my nails and I ended up with loads on one nail, barely any on another. I had to go over each one a couple of times to make sure I got enough coated on each nail. 

The other polish I used as a base colour beforehand was the Miss Sporty Lasting Colour polish in...I'm not sure. One of my problems with Miss Sporty polishes is their labeling is awful. these have actual word names too but on the bottle all I can find are two numbers... 3160 and 510. From looking online this MAY be called "Atomic Blue"...but I have no idea! :) 

I really love the way the different blues shine out through and because the pieces of glitter are so big it almost looks like there are jewels in my nails which looks so pretty...I'm definitely a fan of this look!
If only glitter polish wasn't so much of an arse-ache to remove :(

Anyway! Thanks so much for reading!
Libby x

Took the dog for a run on the beach. You can't see his face but if you could you just know it would be the happiest dog-face you've ever seen. :) 

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