Saturday, 25 January 2014

Dear John Frieda....

Dear John Frieda...

As I am a long time admirer of your lovely hair products, it is with regret that I find myself today feeling a little...cheated? 

I absolutely adore the Full Repair range and used t use it all the time. Not long ago I decided to pick up some more of the shampoo and conditioner to use again. 

As much as I love the products themselves, I have a bone to pick. 

On the left, the lovely Hydrate & Rescue Shampoo. 250ml. 
On the right, Hydrate and Rescue Conditioner. 150ml. 

The cost of the shampoo? £5.89. 
The cost of the conditioner? £6.99. 

Maybe I'm being really thick.... but I really have no idea why I'm paying MORE for LESS product in the conditioner. 
As someone who has very long hair, this bottle of conditioner is almost all used up, whilst the shampoo is still going strong. 
Even with hair not as long as mine, surely most people would use just as much (if not more?) conditioner as shampoo when they wash their hair? 
Why, in all that is good and holy, am I paying more money for a bottle that at most would last a week, and would only last that long if I used a pea sized amount?

When I used to buy these products I used to get the same amount in both bottles and now I just feel cheated. 
I don't think I'll find myself buying these again...I wondered perhaps if the conditioner was something SO incredible that it would justify spending more money for less, but honestly there was no difference between it and the old bottles of conditioner that used to be sold. 
Maybe next time I'll stroll over to another brand when I'm buying hair products because at this rate I'd have to buy two conditioners for every shampoo I bought and if I did that I'd be bankrupt by now. 

I'm sorry Mr Frieda. You've lost a fan. 

Libby x

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