Saturday, 18 May 2013

*REVIEW* E.L.F Volumizing Mascara

*This is a scheduled post as over the next few weeks I will be busy with exams*

Hi! :)
I had a big E.L.F haul the other week (which you can see HERE if you want) and in that E.L.F order I wanted to try an E.L.F mascara so I chose the Volumizing Mascara from the essential line :)

This was £2.50 from and for that price I decided it was definitely was worth trying out!

On the packaging it says:
"Volumize lashes with this vitamin B enriched mascara that boots and curls for a dramatic look. Lashes appear fuller and thicker for a long-lasting effect."

The packaging of this is very simple and quite cheap feeling, but this is so cheap you can't complain really. It functions as packaging so it's ok!
The wand on this mascara is one of those traditional bristle hair wands. I find that these generally volumize better than mascaras with rubber wants but don't always necessarily separate lashes quite as well.
The formula is quite dry which I really like. I don't like mascaras that have a really wet formula as they tend to clump together so much more.
The texture isn't overly thick either so this means it doesn't clump too much.
It seems to work quite well for the want but you still do have to wipe off a little bit of the excess mascara from the wand before using it.
As you can see from the picture about there is some definite volume and length added.
However... I find it weird that this mascara is called a "volumizing" mascara.
There IS volume...but it is much more of an everyday mascara for me.
I would say there is more length added than volume and for dramatic looks this just doesn't give enough to make the lashes stand out.
However it gives enough definition and length to be a good everyday mascara.
Generally I do like this mascara...I just don't think it necessarily lives up to the name of "volumizing" mascara. It DOES add volume...but not massively.
I've been using this every day now for most of the week and I have enjoyed it. I think I will definitely use up the rest of the tube and maybe buy it again when I run out.
This removes quite easily I find and I haven't noticed any flaking or smearing throughout the day but I don't generally have a problem with this anyway usually.
Thank you for reading - I hope you enjoyed my review!
What do you think of E.L.F mascaras?
Libby x
After using this mascara I felt the need to add this on as a little side note as I've had a chance to review the mascara over a long period of time...
I've noticed that considering the mascara had a pretty dry formula to begin with, it has now almost dried up completely and it's not easy to use. It no longer gives much volume at all so I don't use it anymore.
It was very cheap but I am slightly disappointed at the very fast rate at which this dried up...although I won't buy it again it wasn't an awful mascara overall!:)

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